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The Avatars Academy concept

Competition-level football training once a week with the added bonus of having personalised training schemes tailored to each player´s specific needs as well as on-going individual monitoring.


About us

The core football training team is made up of three Physical Education graduates, all with a specialisation in high-performance football.

Additionally, one is an established football coach who has previous experience working at renown FC Barcelona within the club´s training school, whilst another is a former FC Barcelona player himself.

Avatars Academy also benefits from the broad expertise of it´s advisors, which include two professional football experts and two Spanish elite sportsmen.


Our goal

Our goal is to develop and promote football and soccer profiles based around an educational-friendly environment which provides younger players with key learning values, aiming to develop their own personalities, teaching them how to sacrifice, surrender, accept in the same way a victory and a defeat and make the right decisions in pressured situations.

All this is taught in a natural and spontaneous way, creating an unforgettable experience through the sharing of emotions through Football.


What you will get once you´ve joined the Avatars Academy team 

– The opportunity to take part in county, regional, national and international tournaments.

– Individual monitoring on a weekly basis.

– Observations and monitoring from other professional teams.

– Personal Reporting recorded and tracked on a database.

– The full JOMA branded Avatar Ac. training Kit (which includes a backpack,  tracksuit bottoms, shorts, a sweatshirt and a training shirt).


Training days:

Mondays or Thursdays on a weekly basis


Training hours:

From 18:30 h to 20:00 h


Where we are based:

Soccer field L’ Aldea Sport Union (Unión Deportiva Aldeana)



– Inscription: 70 €

– Monthly payment: 40 €

– Individual training scheme (this is optional and runs up until the set objectives are met): 30 €